MOSS Roundtable: Best Practices in Open Source

This session is facilitated by Jeremy Walker, Lauren McCarthy, Trang Ho, Sumana Harihareswara, Matt Claypotch

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About this session

Why work open? What are the challenges to building open source software? How can open projects acheive sustainability? How can you inspire and empower a healthy community of contributors? Come and learn about best practices from the leaders behind MOSS-award-winning open-source software projects like PyPI, p5.js, Tatoeba and Exercism.

Goals of this session

Discuss best practices for managing open source projects, including tips regarding sustainability, diversity, inclusivity and community growth.

Here are some resources we will be referring to during the panel:

Mozilla Open Source Support Awards Homepage
Directory of previous MOSS recipients
Open Source Archetypes: A Framework For Purposeful Open Source
Example of a MOSS recipient project
Understanding the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

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