Move Firefox notification bar to bottom or add option to hide it

Current Situation

Currently, whenever I open Outlook Online, all of a sudden, a Firefox notification bar pops up at the top, requesting me to make Firefox the default e-mail handler for Outlook Online:

This is very much annoying, because it shifts down the currently displayed web content, so, when I’m clicking an item from my list, e.g., for deleting it, I regularly unintentionally hit the wrong item.

Desired Situation

Please, either add an option to hide that notification bar, or put it to the bottom of the page, so it won’t cause any more harm.

Could you translate the message in the bar that appears?

Sure. I found this screenshot on the Internet:

(source link:

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Sorry, I don’t know how to remove that. The simplest approach might just to be click Add Application once (and then have the service you want as the default application for mailto links).

Hi B.J.,

that’s perfectly alright.

I believed this was the Mozilla developer forum supposed to provide improvement hints to Mozilla developers.

So, is this rather a Firefox users’ forum? If so, should I rather post my comment to BugZilla?

Sorry for the delay in responding – I don’t visit very often. This forum is mostly inactive. Bug and suggestions go in Bugzilla. Ideas can also go in Mozilla Connect. And there are developer and end-user discussions on the Matrix.