Moving away from Community Ops

(Tom Farrow) #1

I’m going through a transition stage right now where I want to take a step backwards from this team.

My new focus is on empowering participation at Mozilla, which does encompass Community Ops, just on a less technical level.

Right now I’m in a process of mentoring new contributors to take on the Community Ops roles that I worked on. Please give them a warm welcome and make sure that you support them during their beginning stages in the team.

As part of my less technical role, I will still continue to do the following things that are relevant to Community Ops:

  • Triage and consult on Community requests.
  • Help design procedure and policy that embraces participation
  • Research community and help decide how we can best support them.

For now I still am working on some technical things to support my new contributors in learning their roles. I’ll also still be available for any questions you have about things I have knowledge on

As I move away from this technical work, I’ll let you know which tools to revoke my access on. I’m going to retain access to a couple of things, since they have really useful data that relates to my new focus.

I’m not going to discuss in-depth about why I’m moving on Discourse. Feel free to ask for more info, but essentially, I’m bored. I also have been doing more participation things lately, and have been really enjoying them. I don’t have time for both.

(Leo McArdle) #2

Sounds fun! :thumbsup:

The only bit I’m uneasy about is this. Shouldn’t this data be public? (Or, if there are privacy concerns, at least semi-public - so accessible only to people under NDA)

(Tom Farrow) #3

Google Apps for example has really interesting information on our expense there and great built in reporting.

One of the things I’m working on is researching community email and collaboration platform (ie, etherpad). Metrics at Google Apps is invaluable to making decisions surrounding these things.

Other than Google Apps, I’d be interested in seeing Discourse usage stats, but I think you’ve got a public way to see those stats in the works?

(mrz) #4

I think this is awesome.

I would simply encourage you to keep this question in mind:

  • How can we use use technology as a force multiplier to grow and empower the Mozilla Community?

(Leo McArdle) #5