Moz-Phab 0.1.95 Released

Bugs resolved in Moz-Phab 0.1.95:

  • bug 1543963 moz-phab doesn’t accept . (period) in reviewer’s name
  • bug 1675648 moz-phab incorrectly handles commits with CARRIAGE RETURNs and creates unlandable diffs
  • bug 1675793 Make it clear when an error is generated by Phabricator vs. locally
  • bug 1681005 mozphab no longer works through HTTP proxy when communicating with BMO
  • bug 1681604 Add python 3.9 to the testing matrix in CircleCI
  • bug 1686291 Add missing packages to dev-requirements
  • bug 1686297 Add support for pip-compile to generate dev-requirements.txt
  • bug 1686998 Windows tests are failing due to hard-coded line separators in test
  • bug 1690649 Fix colorama requirement hash in requirements file for windows builds
  • bug 1691818 Fix CircleCI requirements

Discuss these changes in #conduit on Slack or Matrix.