Moz-Phab 1.3.0 Released


  • Experimental moz-phab uplift command is released.
  • moz-phab patch now takes --diff-id to patch an older version of a revision.
  • Self updating mechanism is disabled on Windows as it has been broken for some time.

Bugs resolved in Moz-Phab 1.3.0:

  • bug 1534707 moz-phab patch can’t download specific diff id
  • bug 1754059 add moz-phab release script to repo
  • bug 1774074 moz-phab self-update always fails with incorrect target path
  • bug 1801696 Running install-certificate prompts user twice if there is no existing token
  • bug 1804348 moz-phab submit displays escape codes instead of colors on the Windows/MSYS console
  • bug 1804764 moz-phab self-update should log something indicating success
  • bug 1805312 refactor git cherry arguments into _cherry function for git
  • bug 1805530 Many source code files in moz-phab are missing license headers
  • bug 1805937 un-hide uplift command from moz-phab help
  • bug 1805962 moz-phab self-update doesn’t work on Windows
  • bug 1806160 Remove “Known Issues” comment
  • bug 1806440 fix some linting errors in the readme
  • bug 1806479 use proper punctuation in moz-phab help strings
  • bug 1806859 cleanup fallback flag logic
  • bug 1808378 Add type hints to
  • bug 1808584 patch command has --diff-id and --apply-to as mutually exclusive
  • bug 1808778 add type hints to
  • bug 1808779 explicitly set should_access_file in Config since it is a kwarg
  • bug 1808781 add type hints to

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