Moz-Phab 1.4.0 Released


  • Eliminate many calls to the Phabricator API from moz-phab reorg.
  • Fixes several bugs around updates to revision statuses during moz-phab reorg.
  • Adds a --no-abandon flag to moz-phab reorg to avoid abandoning revisions during reorg.

Bugs resolved in Moz-Phab 1.4.0:

  • bug 1626028 Can’t use moz-phab reorg to drop a revision from a stack that was abandoned already
  • bug 1654837 Add an option to not abandon revisions on reorg
  • bug 1773145 When reorganizing a stack with already-accepted commits, moz-phab errors
  • bug 1806479 use proper punctuation in moz-phab help strings
  • bug 1809187 add type hints to moz-phab command files
  • bug 1809214 moz-phab uplift --train should take a shortname instead of callsign
  • bug 1809559 stop caching Conduit calls for repo information
  • bug 1809946 make moz-phab reorg use stackGraph instead of calls to
  • bug 1811019 use all and any Python builtins instead of checking for None in list etc

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