MozActivate Campaign

(Anubha Maneshwar) #1

At some places in India, we have a strong Mozilla Community but there are still some cities where we are not able to reach. One of the city is Nagpur in Maharashtra and the cities around it. Not only this, but major tier-two and tier-three cities are unaware of who we are and what we do.
Therefore, why not organise a campaign at these cities. The MozActivate Campaign will be promoting Mozilla along with teaching them about Rust, VR, Web Compatibility or making their own extension. This will not only get us more number of contributors but also spread Mozilla Community where it is required the most. Because major cities have other things and organisations too but tier-two and tier-three don’t have any.
People who are interested in being a part can comment below. Also people who have any opinion or suggestion to make it efficient are welcome!