MozCoffees for upcoming launch?

Hi everyone,

As we’ve moved back to fewer big launches, it makes it easier for us to plan coordinated events around them. I would be interested in planning a MozCoffee around the next launch, not only to have a bit of a celebration, but also to help show off the new features to people who attend as well as help them get Firefox installed/updated on any portable devices they bring.

The next launch will be the beginning of June. Is anyone else interested? If so we can do it sort of like App Days where we have a skeleton agenda, and share content/materials, train together to make sure we’re familiar with the new features etc.

If you’re in, please speak up quickly! We have just enough time, I think, to pull this off without feeling too rushed.

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I’m in :smiley:

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I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of event in Cedar Rapids, I think I can definitely try this.

Have any of us done a MozCoffee before? If not maybe we want to get some advice from people in other regions. Even though I’m in an office city it is probably simpler (and cheaper) to try to have the event in a cafe, rather than try to have things catered.

I believe @gueroJeff has done a few in Utah…

I know that @MichaelaRBrown has done at least one, as well.

I’ve done one once here in Chicago :kissing_closed_eyes:

I thought so. How did it go? Who ended up coming out and how did it go? Was it just really informal or did you have a theme?

Yes, we’ve done something similar to MozCoffee’s before. They’re very
loosely structured and simply a means of getting together socially with
a group of Mozillians in the region. I never applied for Reps budget for
them, since we weren’t getting together to hack on anything so, to use
an American phrase, we went Dutch.

El 5/1/15 a las 4:25 PM, alex_mayorga escibió:

FYI there should be more info about the launch and MozCoffees at the Reps call tomorrow.

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