Mozilla 2017 Topline Strategy Narrative and Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) - as of Jan 2017

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I’m excited to be able to post the overall Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for Mozilla for 2017 (the OKR framework is how we’re setting goals).

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Mozilla’s Mission and Role

Mozilla’s enduring mission is to ensure the Internet is global public resource, open and accessible to all. Our vision is for an Internet that puts people first, where everyone can shape their own experience, and where people are empowered, safe and independent.

We advance our mission by building products, technology and programs that enable us to be a true personal advocate for online life. We advocate for people both within their online experience and on their behalf for the health of the Internet.

Section 1: Multi-Year Narrative

Summary Narrative:
Our multi-year strategy has two major elements: fully take advantage of our opportunities with Firefox, and thoughtfully explore other areas.

1) Growing Firefox and From Firefox
Grow Firefox as our flagship product and develop products and services related to the core Firefox experience and user base to expand our reach and influence.

Example expansion areas include Context Graph providing an alternative discovery of Internet content than search, innovations around the Awesome Bar, experimenting with new mobile offerings adjacent to Firefox (e.g. Focus, Prox, etc.), and Project Quantum fueling a competitive next generation web platform technology

2) Differentiate Mozilla with Non-Firefox Products, Technologies, and Programs
Develop a limited number of new products, technologies and programs that leverage Mozilla’s unique position to find new sources of differentiation and competitive advantage.

Example exploration areas include existing IoT efforts, exploring new emerging technologies beyond the browser, a Membership model to engage more consumers in our mission and bring valuable and value-infused services to consumers, reimagining community engagement and participation approaches, and our Internet Health positioning & Mozilla brand development

Examples of sources of unique position includes tapping into a community-driven movement that allows Mozilla influence beyond our directly-funded resources, web engine expertise, or exploiting Mozilla’s relative neutrality in commercially competitive markets.

Multi-Year Arc:
2015 was about stabilizing, taking stock and resetting

2016 focused on paying down organizational and technical debt

2017 will focus on growing Firefox while also increasing the number of exploratory opportunities both rooted in Firefox and independent from it

2018 will be about continuing to enrich Firefox products and scaling up the best of the new opportunities unlocked by our explorations

Section 2: 2017 Organizational Objectives & Key Results

(Note to readers: Specific results/targets have been removed in some cases below where we wouldn’t want numbers generally available to share.)

Grow Firefox & From Firefox
Objective #1: To grow our mission impact, developer relevance and organizational sustainability, in 2017 we will grow Firefox market share, develop a next-generation browser to “leapfrog” the competition, and ship new mobile and search experiences that win the hearts and minds of users.

Key results:

  • Grow Firefox desktop global market share as measured by StatCounter
  • Next-generation Firefox powered by Context Graph and Quantum shipped with substantially improved performance and retention rates
  • Mobile presence increased

Grow New Areas
Objective #2: To plant the seeds for future growth, in 2017 we will grow our investments in new areas ahead of emerging technology trends, evaluate the membership model, and continue to explore opportunities in the IoT space.

Key results:

  • Three new emerging technology projects underway in new domains with a 3-5 year horizon
  • Membership model prototyped and market tested in 1H2017 to determine viability with evaluation by panel of relevant stakeholders and final sign-off from CEO*
  • Two IoT user experience prototypes shipped using our reference implementation of an open, standards-based “Web of Things” platform that proves that the Web can provide a secure, private and interoperable IoT experience

Grow Mozilla
Objective #3: To cultivate the foundation for our next decade of growth and influence, in 2017 we will refine our next “north star”, revitalize our approach to community engagement and participation, and fuel the movement by supporting and joining forces with others to amplify our impact as an increasingly diverse, inclusive and participatory organization.

Key results:

  • Mozilla’s next “True North” defined and rolled out following a positive evaluation by panel of relevant stakeholders and final sign-off from Exec Chair
  • Open Innovation strategy to revitalize participation and broader external engagement defined and approved in 1H2017 following positive evaluation by panel of relevant stakeholders and final sign-off from CEO*
  • Increase in the number Conscious Choosers in Germany and North America, who understand Mozilla, as a Not-For-Profit that is inclusive, opinionated and innovative
  • 2x increase in the number of people who take action on Internet Health via making a donation or signing a petition

*Top-line objective to be replaced once initial milestone is met.


Quick questions: Why we choose the two markets instead of others? If this is a test-run, will there be a retrospective report published after the experiment, so we (especially for volunteers that willing to help grow Mozilla) can learn from it?

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Hello. We chose Germany and North America to align with the Firefox priority markets. This ensures we are focusing and coordinating our investment areas across the organization, which will result in more significant impact. The Firefox market prioritization was based on several factors, including existing market share and potential growth.

No problem - I still want to know if a volunteer willing to help on growing Firefox’s market share in other place, where may or may not be the best interest of paid-staff, how (s)he can learn from your experience, especially on marketing campaigns?

(For resource, or maybe simply money, we can grab some via ReMo process, so it’s not really about how we can get resource from MoFo/MoCo.)