Mozilla Art


A few months ago, I was in a community call when I noticed that another Mozilla contributor on the call had the same three Mozilla posters that I had…and he had them proudly on display behind him on the call. Despite the thousands of miles that separated us, there was something that brought us together.

Whenever I see a piece of Mozilla artwork, I think about how that same image inspires people, makes them smile, reminds them of an event or a project. In some cases, an image is part of our shared history, in others it makes us look to the horizon.

Over the past few months, I have been working with Mozilla staff to bring together a collection of art works from Mozilla to share with the community. It was not easy, but I think what I have is representative of Mozilla over the years. Some of the images you will recognise and there will be some that you do not, but I think you will appreciate all of them.

The images are still under the works are still Mozilla-created content subject to the Mozilla copyright policy and the Mozilla trademark policy. Those policies are here:

Note that the Mozilla trademark policy prohibits selling items with Mozilla logos but Mozilla generally allows personal use (like putting up a poster or making a t-shirt).

Some of the images are .ai format (but can be opened in GIMP) and I make no apology for the size of some of the files - the images are very high quality.

You can access the files here.

I hope that you are as inspired by these images as much as I have enjoyed pulling them all together.


The first one I came upon in the files is the DaVinci Fox, and that brought back up a TON of memories. Thanks for the initiative! great idea, for sure.

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That’s a very nice collection, lot of great memories :slight_smile:


do you think it’s good to upload them directly at here? for archive and better discovery, it’s easy to get lost deep in Google Drive after some months.

Also I believe people had more (At lease I had collect a dozens) so they can also upload here following your effort.

Hi @irvin, thank you for your feedback.

This was put together with Mozilla staff and while other options do exist, this felt like the best option right now. Sure, I could have just uploaded the files to Discourse, but the size of some of the files are massive and it felt better to have them in a dedicate file storage platform than a forum.

Other files may be added over time, but this will be done with the support of Mozilla staff. There were files I would like to include (but the files are too large to upload with ease) and there were some that I was asked not to include (for good and fair reasons).

More items may be added in the future, but right now, I think that this is a good collection of Mozilla art for the contributors from all over the world to enjoy and be inspired by.

Just a quick note that I have been able to add art from the Quantum launch as well as an awesome Dino wallpaper. Enjoy!