Mozilla at Southeast Linux Fest

Hi all,

@MichaelaRBrown, Liz Sands, Joanna Mazgaj, Stormy Peters, and I were at the Sothern California Linux Expo this past weekend, it was pretty awesome - blog post forthcoming. One of the people who came to our booth was the organizer of the Southeast Linux Fest, and he told us that he’d like to have Mozilla represented there. It’s from June 12 - June 14. Would anybody be interested in representing Mozilla here?

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What’s the exact location for the event?

It’s at Sheraton Charlotte Airport in Charlotte, NC:

Not so “south” after all, I was hopping for somewhere in Texas :smile: Oh! Well…

Well @alex_mayorga , there’s always Texas Linux Fest in San Marcos, August 22-23. I’ve been to it a few times. However, I’m not sure I can help this year, as I’ll be traveling the week prior.

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