Mozilla booth @ BASIS Digital World 2015

Dear All Mozillians,

I am excited to inform that Mozilla Bangladesh will participate in upcoming BASIS Digital World 2015. As usual the Expo will be hosted in Bangabandhu International Conference Center at Agargaon. We have rented 2 (two) 8"X8" booth within SoftExpo arena to exhibit. Our booth number is 29 and 30. All SoftExpo booth will be in celebrity hall, first floor of the venue.

Last year we demonstrated FirefoxOS only to our visitors. This year we planned to bring in more products and services.

  • Firefox OS Demonstration
  • Mozilla Support (SuMo)

What is SuMo
How to avail community support.
Where to ask for community support
Promoting our SuMo KB
On-boarding / Recruiting SuMo contributors

  • Webmaker

For web literacy as paralleled with Ben’s ongoing effort with Governmentfor
Kids and primary school students visitors we can setup something catchy
For different age group and different professionals

  • Developer hub

Firefox OS
Firefox OS Apps
Bug Triage

  • Recruiting

FSA signup

If you wish to add more things, please ready it for the meeting :) 

In order to make the booth success, as an organizer I am calling a IRC meeting on 3rd February 2015 at 10 PM [1]. Please join with us.

Thosewho want to attend the booth as attendee please fill the form [2], we will reach you in short time. Please mention the area that you are expert, so we can schedule roaster accordingly.



Super excited to work on this year’s Digital World :smile: I already notified all the club leads in Bangladesh, I hope they will let their club members the opportunity to participate.


See you and other club lead in the booth :wink:

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Want to be there :smiley:


Dear All Mozillians

Thanks for joining the meeting. In the meeting Ashfaq and MAK bhai share an awesome idea to make a FAQ from Digital World 2014 booth experience. We have made a pad[1] to share those question that we have faced last year. After listing all those question we will try to write the answer of them. It will be helpful for this year booth attendees. I request every one to share the questions that you faced on Digital World 2014 booth.


@ashickur_noor vai is there any female booth attendee signed up for manning the both? If so can you forward them to us? then they could recruit some WoMozs along with representing their own pathways.

@malihaislam81 I
think our contributors are well educated about our community and our contribution. I think it is not necessary to give extra effort.

Booth Attendee sign up will be closed by 8 PM, 5 February 2015. We already got 40+ request in different time slot. If you wish to be a booth attendee please do sign up before the form[1] is closed. Each time slot we will assign 25 mozillian in maximum.


I don’t doubt your contributor’s knowledge , I just wanted to consult with the female contributors a bit if they were going to recruit womozs as we are still working with our goals , definitions and guidelines. Anyway best of luck. :wink: