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(Shashank Kumar) #1

Hello folks,
I am a new contributor to Mozilla and belong to Delhi NCR (Delhi + Noida and others). And I’ve struggled a lot to find folks who contribute to Mozilla to ask for their help and guidance in doing the same. Since the local community of Mozilla in Delhi is focused on only organizing events and none of their group is open to new contributors (some admins decide who’ll be the member to these groups), I’m starting a group called Mozilla Delhi Open Community on Telegram which is a Open Group for new and veteran contributors from around Delhi (still open for anyone to join irrespective of that) to join in and help each other out. Please share the news to help others as well :slight_smile:

Updates - We now have our Official Wiki :sparkling_heart:

(Shashank Kumar) #2

Looking for your support with this @bking @ram @fayetandog @trishul @pushpita.dey @tanzeelkhan94 @vibhanshu95 @CuriousLearner @ranjithraj @asdofindia @seburo @championshuttler @lharris @nukeador @Shashikanth171

(Ranjith Raj) #3


Appreciate your efforts to make the community more open.

I’d share this with my open source networks in and around Delhi, and would love to contribute for the growth of this community.

(Shashank Kumar) #4

Thank you @ranjithraj, I believe from all the support we can focus on contributions :slight_smile:

(Shashikanth Reddy Palvatla) #5

@realslimshanky Great news! Thank you.

This group should engage new contributors in discussions about inclusion & diversity. We can experiment with new initiatives and improve community participation.

I strongly suggest we go through

I would like to share few ideas

  1. Monthly Webinar - A Mozillian from Global community will be invited to be a guest speaker and share their knowledge. There can be a voting in the community in deciding schedule and topics. Videos can be published on youtube.
  2. Monthly Q&A - Community members will be encouraged to ask questions anytime. A dedicated monthly Q&A sessions where these questions will be answered by fellow Mozillians. Questions can be answered anytime. Dedicated sessions are needed to ensure no question goes unanswered. Schedule can be decided by voting. This can give a solid list of FAQs which can be published to help new contributors.

(Shashank Kumar) #6

Great suggestions @Shashikanth171. And thanks for sharing the link on Telegram group as well. I hope everyone read about it. We’ll start with webinar soon and study/developers jam also as soon as we have folks to conduct sessions.

(Ashwin Phadke) #7

Hey @realslimshanky not just Delhi but I have heard many new contributors have this issue, nice initiative you have taken here, although if you have further plans i’d suggest you name this is Mozilla Open Community and make this group as a first step to learn how to contribute towards Mozilla overall, you can also request a main Mozilla groups wiki edit for this group’s link to be included and train people on how to help new contributors to start their first project in Mozilla.
Liked your initiative! +1:grinning:

(Shashank Kumar) #8

Thank you @ashwinphadke12. Thank you for the suggestions we’ll put up the point of wiki on the group. You’re welcome to join the group and guide new contributors also. About the name, it only signifies that we form Delhi but anyone can join and ask for help or help others as well.



Looks like you are doing great work here. I would recommend that you link this up with other Mozilla India groups, but also look at how you want to contribute.

It is very easy for a group to all go in the same direction, but not be happy. If there are people that want to learn a new skill or get involved in a Mozilla project on their own, there is nothing wrong with that at all.

(Lucyeoh) #10

You should definitely reach out to @mrinalini and set-up a meeting about how she can find ppl from within Mozilla and beyond to help support your initiative.

You can learn more about her role as Mozilla’s community bridge here!

(Shashank Kumar) #11

Thanks @Seburo for your support. We have reached out to Mozilla India community and folks from all around India are now part of the group and helping us out in every way possible. We’re planning a webinar soon and we would be honored if you can join this weekend. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Shashank Kumar) #12

Thank you @lharris for your support. I’ll ping @mrinalini and request her to join us and help us out. We’re planning a webinar this weekend and we would be blessed if you join us and guide up :slightly_smiling_face:

(Vishal 11702786) #13

Hi, if this thread is still active and anyone is still reading this message, can you kindly add me to the Telegram Group ( Thanks!