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I was just wondering why don’t we have a Discord Mozilla instance? I know many tech companies are on Discord for discussions and so I was just wondering if Mozilla has one. I think Mozilla should have a discord instance.

Just a suggestion…:slight_smile:

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What for?
Mozilla is dying.
Current Mozilla is completely different from what it once was.
Id say no to Discord…

You know that isn’t very nice.
Many people are improving Mozilla every day.
Yes everyone knows Mozilla had a lot of downfalls over the years but I don’t think it is appropriate to criticize Mozilla like that.


Hold on… not listening to its userbase its even less nice…

The fact that they are working doesnt mean that they are improving. Work != improvement.

Each & every product have downfall sometimes, its normal. But in the case of Mozilla, its one, huge, ever growing, downfall caused entirely by Mozilla itself.

Look: all problems Mozilla have today are backlash of its users. Thee wouldnt be those backlashes, if Mozilla reacted normally to what uses says.

When the IRC server was decommissioned, Mozilla considered a few platforms to replace it including Discord. However, it didn’t meet the criteria and they chose to go with Matrix instead. IMO, that’s a way better choice since it’s decentralized and open source so it’s more in line with the Mozilla manifesto.

If you wish to join us on our Matrix Server, go to There’s also documentation on the Wiki if you need help setting things up


Stop. Just please stop! You wrote nothing but marketing BS!

  1. Why was IRC decommisioned?
  2. Why Discord didnt meet the criteria?
  3. What are criteria that program/platform have to meet to even be considered useful/ofg any use by Mozilla?

Oh I see well I am on Matrix so that’s not a problem. Well guess like this question is solved. :sweat_smile:


Well true quite good questions but you don’t need to get fustrated…yk…

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Hi @awslabspl.

Please appreciate that we are volunteer contributors - we do not make the call to use a product or service in Mozilla.

Although Discord is used by the Hubs team, for pan-Mozilla asynchronous communication we use Matrix. It’s has good controls to protect the community and the team at the back of it are big supporters of open source.

Part of the criteria used by any organisation in deciding which product or service to use is looking at the need for that product or service - although there may be guidelines, there is not going to be one set of criteria for everything. In respect of the process that led to Matrix, it was done as openly as possible and with feedback from the community.

Personally, as some one who joined Mozilla through IRC, I like Matrix. Given that Mozilla does not have to provide this for the community, we have an open, well managed platform that gives us features such as scroll back that helps us contribute asynchronously.


Quite agree. Thank you for the info!

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Next to a more civil discussion style, I would recommend to read mhoye’s blog posts on the topic of switching Mozilla away from IRC, esp. “Forward Motion” where he said among other things

Discord’s terms of service, particularly with respect to the rights they assert over participants’ data, are expansive and very grabby, effectively giving them unlimited rights to do anything they want with anything we put into their service. Coupling that with their active hostility towards interoperability and alternative clients has disqualified them as a community platform.

Also, actually read their terms of service and privacy policies, from all I understand those would even be illegal if they were operating any subsidiary in the EU, for example.

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But for some reason, a lot of people get attracted to Discord. I don’t know why but teens and adults are just flocking to Discord over the past few years. I believe it’s because of the useless perks such as memes, Dankmemer, funny emoji, etc.

Dangers of Discord

The Dark Side of Discord, Your Teen’s Favorite Chat App

Well I was seeing the links above and it kind of scared me because two years ago I was just hooked to Discord with my friends (of course I quit Discord when I found it was too addictive and I stopped talking to those trashy “friends” of mine). And talking about Discord’s terms off service and privacy policy, I kind of feel it is not very well written as other chatting platforms such as slack and telegram.

I think the chatting platforms teenagers use are the worst because they lack the sense of privacy and common sense (especially common sense).

speaking of things that shed some light on the rootcause of how Mozilla is received is not civil discussion-style?