Mozilla Festival 2015 - Accommodation (own budget) - Who's interested?

Hi everyone

MozFest will be again this year, see for more information.

I think it would be great to have a thread here to see how many people are coming on their own budget and therefore also would need accommodation. Like that, there is a chance to organize something together.

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to coordinate this, somebody else willing to step up here?


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Thanks Michael for starting,

I bought my ticket and booked the flight, arriving Nov, 5th and departing Nov, 9th.
If there are more we can talk about organizing :smile:

Waiting for more input,


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I’ve bought the ticket for Mozfest but I don’t have taken yet the flight and hotel. I’m waiting news from few Italian mozillians to go with them and organize also for the room.

I’d happily co-ordinate some central group booking of the kind. Could save some money for people :smile:

Personally I don’t think I’ll be staying overnight if Mozilla can’t pay. I just don’t have the money. However, I’d be glad to help organise efforts for people that are staying overnight at their own cost and help find good group rates.

The more people we can pull into this, the cheaper I’d be able to find rooms.

Here i am, i have just bought my flight tickets. If we can find an accomodation all together will be fine!

I have bought my own flights tickets too and now looking for accommodation - what are the options we are looking at?

I was thinking of going to Mozfest but costs too much this year for me, so going to instead and will help with Mozilla stuff over there instead :slight_smile:

I booked a bed in a dorm, but I can cancel it until Nov, 1st. in
So, we have to check, how much money we like to spend and how many beds/rooms we need.
If I check Airbnb it says 1% left, so we shouldn’t wait too long.
Maybe something like ?
in english:

If we are 3 person I think that is better

I think that is time now to booking a room for us, we are three as I can see in this thread.