Mozilla India Community Space, Bangalore: Logo Design Challenge

(Soumya Deb) #1

For the lack of a better collaborative threaded feedback/discussion tool, let’s use Community Discourse to welcome/review/evaluate the best design for the Community Space.

Contexts and background is on the Mozilla India community blog post.

Rules, recognition and rewards aren’t planned solidly yet, and are underway. Meanwhile, don’t be shy to post your design idea on a tissue paper (that’s totally okay!) and improvize on it. Also, there’s no penalty for coming up with multiple ideas, in fact it’s enouraged - if they’re significantly different & you have justification (how the design relates to Mozilla India Community Space) for each them.

More details coming soon.

(Ajay Kumar Jogawath) #2

Hi @debloper,
The Link to the “Mozilla India Community blog post” is redirecting to Blog Not Found Page. May be the link is missing.


(Soumya Deb) #3

Something was off & we never published that post.
It’s still there as a draft. But we may revive it soon.

(Ajay Kumar Jogawath) #4

Yeah! I see :slight_smile:

(Kaustav Das Modak) #5

This is still on, folks.