Mozilla India Meetup 2016- Selection process

Dear Mozillians,

Thank you to all 218 great Mozillians who put themselves forward to attend the upcoming Mozilla India Meetup 2016 in Pune.

For those of you who were selected, congratulations. Also remember your responsibility as someone attending to be the connection to the communities you represent. You can start right now by asking others in your community their thoughts and ideas for the meetup.

For those of you who weren’t successful, we have a couple of thoughts:

First, please do not be discouraged. We had to turn away almost half of the applicants. Do not take this choice as a lack of value in your contributions, past or future. And selection was not recognition.

Second, you can still participate in this meetup. Right now you can provide your ideas to the future Structure and Strategy of Mozilla India [1]. You can also expect that in advance of the meetup, during and immediately after there will be opportunities for you to participate and provide your ideas.

Selection method

First, to be clear, this group (Umesh, Faisal and Shahid; Reps Council members from India + George from the Participation Team) are accountable for the selection process and decisions made.
We wanted to give some details on the selection method employed.

  1. Every application was rated by each of the Mozilla India Council members. They did this by focusing on answers to 3 application questions:(i) passion/impact on Mozilla Mission,(ii)mobilizing experience, (iii)commitment to building Mozilla India moving forward.
    a. Ratings – -1=not strong; 0=okay; 1=good; 3=very good/must have.
    b. These ratings will not be shared, and the data will be discarded once all decisions have been finalized.
  2. The 3 ratings for each person were summed for each applicant, giving them a “score”.
  3. Upon analysis, there were 114 people who scored “2” or higher.
  4. Since we had some room for a few additional attendees, we decided to see if deserving candidates would help with our diversity goals [2].
    a.There were another 20 people who scored “1” who we could select from.We ended up selecting an additional 2 people.
    b. Based on the above process, 116 Mozillians were invited to the meetup in Pune. We have also done some analysis on where they are coming from and their background [3].

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of with questions or comments. This was an inspiring process of reading so many high quality applications from clearly committed and excellent Mozillians, which made the selection decisions very tough (in a good way). Thank you again to all who put effort into their application, and of course thank you for your ongoing contributions.

Sincerely,Umesh, Faisal, Shahid, George

[1] [2] [3]


Final list of participants has been shared here