Mozilla India Office Hour #8 & #9

(Sukhmani Grover) #1

Hey everyone,

We had community office hour#9 on February 8th with three community members- Umesh, Prathmesh and Ranjith. You can find key details below:

  • Support on VR: Umesh discussed about how he can get more support from VR on establishing structures and framework ensuring sustained engagement, developing post event curriculum that can be further localised.

Next step here:

  • Prathmesh, Umesh and Sukhmani to have a follow up conversation and get started via email. Prathmesh to take a lead on this conversation, Sukhmani to initiate the email chain.

  • Community Challenges: Ranjith discussed challenges he is facing in communicating about his work and community initiatives he is a part of on Mozilla India Channels and expressed about bottlenecks he faces. He mentioned challenges like delayed responses, not able to share information through the Mozilla India Blog etc.

Next step here:

  • Ranjith to connect with Prathmesh and Ankit sharing about his challenges and outlining the support that he needs. Ranjith can keep Sukhmani or Mrinalini in loop if he wishes to

I am also sharing below key notes from office hour#8 that took place on February 1st :

We had four people from staff Mrinalini, Konstantina, Emma and myself (Sukhmani). Three Community Members joined in including Ankit, Tripad and Kalyan.

We had a brief discussion on the reasons to record the office hours, and key points voiced from the attendees are listed below:

  • These calls help people who can’t attend the office hours to refer back to the recordings and catch up

  • People don’t usually read blog posts as they are time consuming.

  • Through these recordings the community gets clarity on what kind of support we can offer them

Post the call, we have circled back with Lucy, Konstantina and Emma to answer few key questions and propose a way forward. We will be key updates and next steps from here on discourse in next 2 days.

We will have our next office hour at 9 pm, IST on February 15th.