Mozilla India- Open Community Call#1

Hey everyone,

Last week we have launched our open community calls for Mozilla India. These are agenda driven calls, happening once in a month and serves as space for important announcements, conversations and engagement with key experts, staff and community on specific issues, topics and campaigns. In general, all of these calls will be recorded and we will share videos+notes.

Our inaugural call happened on February 22 with Lucy and Ruben from Community Development Team on Indian Group Identities Pilot. You can read more about these calls and other plans about community engagement here

The recording for the February 22 call is available here and etherpad with key notes is available here

We will soon announce details for our next open community call, in the meantime if you have any suggestions for the call, please share on this thread. You can also expect the mentioned survey which is part of the research for Indian Group Identities Pilot to reach out to you by next week.



Attended launch party of Mozilla Rajasthan yesterday at Jaipur in MNIT college. A great event with extraordinary synergy. Love to be the part of it.

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