Mozilla India restructure: What's Next?

It’s been only about 10 days past the Mozilla India meetup 2016. The official report will be made by the event documentation workgroup soon.

Meanwhile, as a part of the restructure process myself, I’ve written about the restructure in a blog post here: Mozilla India Restructure

Towards the end of the blog post I link to which is where we have put the structure proposal currently. Remember that this structure can and will always be improved. In fact, you can suggest changes through

Also, there is a link to this etherpad where we can list down the teams that have already started talking so that more people who are interested in these conversations can join them early. Please make sure you add your own team in the etherpad and a link or contact person to join the conversation.

The provisional meta team is yet to start working together on their goals, as of now.

Feel free to use this discourse topic to ask questions or make comments on anything.