Mozilla is not allowing me to store key's in localstorage in my extension

please check this link

i have no idea whats wrong

It probably starts with the fact that you’re using unsupported APIs:

nope the issue is still the same
browser.tabs.getAllInWindow is not a function is the error i can see in the console

Exactly, because the API is not supported in Firefox, check out the compat table at the bottom. That’s why it doesn’t work with chrome.* and browser.* (see also and similar resources like

no i’have changed the api
still its the same …

i have used tab.getAllInWindows() the thing you have mentioned

I mentioned that it is not supported in Firefox. As I said, check the browser compatibility table at the bottom of the first article I linked.

You will have to use tabs.query with Firefox, which will also work in Chrome.

yes i have got your point
this is my previous code
and accroding to docs
i have to updaate it to this
tabs.query({currentWindow: true})
but its not working
im so sorry im completely new to this addon dev part

if you see the code part i ghave no idea how to get that function(tabs) into the existing code /the API which will work in mozilla

thank you my issue has been resolved