Mozilla provides no free support for their broken browser

Lately I have noticed that Firefox, the browser I have been using for years, is starting to act funny, but I cannot find any possible way to get any technical support for the browser, except a phone number ‘1-844-482-2777
that is to what sounds like a call center of some kind in India that is asking for something in the neighborhood of $120 for a one time fix to any issues you are having…
$120 really?? For support for s supposedly free browser??
That is outrageous, but Mozilla goes out of their way to make themselves impossible to reach for any help. This is the tactic of most online scams, and it is sad to see Firefox adopting it…
Is there any possible way to get Mozilla to support their own browser, without having to take out a second mortgage on you home to afford it?? Elsewise, am I going to have to go the route that most everyone else I know, who used to love Firefox has gone, and switch to Chrome??
In any case, this is what is happening to my Firefox browser.
It is forgetting many of the Saved Logins that it stored / stores, and this makes no sense to me as it is setup to save logins automatically, and then populate them when needed. I thought this was a small issue with a quick fix, but it turns out, due to Mozilla’s stance against customer service thast this is a $120 fix, with not real guarantee that the issue will not just come back tomorrow. My point is that I no longer have any trust in Mozilla, as I now realize that they are well aware that their product is garbage, and glitchy as can be imagined, and thus have distanced themselves from it…
Yes, I am certain of it, and have made up my mind, I am done with this pathetic browser now, and will be moving to Chrome from here out. That is until Mozilla decides to get some technically savvy people in there, and make a browser that is reliable, or at least creates a product support option to reach them for assistance, without a colossal fee!!

this looks like a fake call support service.
Mozilla provides support via twitter and primarily and other social media platforms .
We never ask for payment for the support we provide .
beware of suck spams.

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Hi @zlloyd

@syam is right, that sounds like a tech support scam and I recommend you do not call them or give them any money - they are not, and do not represent, Mozilla.

If you need help with Firefox or any Mozilla software, head to where there is useful documentation and an awesome team of amazing contributors who will be able to help.

I went to the support site to try and find a support contact, but only found a forum to post to the community, which is less than helpful when you want a quick answer truthfully…

As for the call service, it may have been a fake scam type setup, but it was very official looking, and the only number I could find for Firefox support anywhere, but the oputrageous price for assitance was a HUGE red flag!!

Zachariah A Lloyd

Did not intend to pay them anything for support, which is why as soon as he metioned a payment, I hung up on the guy…

As for documentation provided, it is not truly helpful to me as a I already know how it is supposed to work, but it is just not working as designed, so I needed direct technical support, no an FAQ page!!

Zachariah A Lloyd

We can provide that support. Just select the links to Get Community Support in our support pages.

In addition to what others have said, you can report it to Mozilla using a link in the following article: Avoid and report Mozilla tech support scams


Zachariah thanks for letting us know about this scam site.

I’ve edited your messages to remove what it seems your phone number. This is a public forum and the last thing we want is people having your personal information.


Hi Zachariah:

Just to be 100% clear we at Mozilla don’t offer paid support or email or phone support for Firefox (which is what seburo, cilias and syam stated earlier in this thread but I thought I’d remove any lingering ambiguity!).

Did you successfully file a fraud report at:

If not, please let me know the website link if there is one and the name of the fraudulent paid support service and any other relevant info and I will file one for you!


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