Mozilla Regional mentorship - Bangalore


(Abhiram R) #1

The vision of this pilot run is two-fold, one is to recognize potential leaders & tech evangelists in our community in order to channelize their efforts for greater impact, and secondly - to improve coordination and community health of Bangalore. Our aim is to ensure there’s an active Mozilla community in Bangalore, and we hope such a program will be helpful in reaching that goal.

What do participants get?

  • Access to mentors from the Mozilla community, who have vast experience in public speaking, leadership and open source projects.
  • Opportunities to attend community gatherings
  • An automatic vouch on your Mozillians profile for being selected to this program.
  • Learning resources & assistance for organizing their own MozActivate initiatives
  • And many more.

Expectations from participants

  • Participate in community meetings (in-person or virtually)
  • Reach-out to your assigned mentor & chart out a personal road-map
  • Involve yourself in community building exercises
  • And of-course, spread the word.

Expectations from mentors

  • Devote 2-3 hours a week to review plans & mentor participants
  • Attend a monthly Mozilla Bangalore call to share their experiences and show contribution pathways. First one is on December 17.
  • Vouch deserving participants on
  • Assisting and guiding participants with event processes or budget (if required).

Code of conduct:

We follow Mozilla’s open and inclusive code of conduct. More details here.


4 month pilot run, which maybe extended depending on the participant & mentor interactions. December 2017 - March 2018.

We’re looking for mentors and potential participants, feel free to reach out to any of us from Mozilla Bangalore community for more information or nomination.


(Abhiram R) #2

Feedback from @tushar_arora :

Tushar Arora19:14
Abhiram: Some mozilla teams follow a routine where they take turns for being the host for a weekly / monthly meeting in a round robin fashion. If we can select one / two people from each workshop and add them to the hosts list we can actually engage the people to become a regular contributor to that particular area for example WebVR. How about that?

(Abhiram R) #3

This is an amazing suggestion @tushar_arora :slight_smile: The participants of this mentorship program are handpicked from such workshops only, over the period of the last year. But yeah, we can totally take ownership of the monthly meet-ups in a round-robin fashion. Thanks for that!

(Akshay) #4

Interesting idea. Just pairing people together like in pair programming can improve quality of each other.

(Abhiram R) #5

Yes, that’s the plan. And welcome on-board!

(Jyotsna Gupta) #6

How would one categorise him or herself as a mentor or a participant?

(Abhiram R) #7

Great question @jyotsna17gupta.
Since this is the pilot run, we’ve handpicked all our participants. They satisfy the following criteria:

  • They reside in Karnataka (makes it easier for face-to-face interaction).
  • They’ve been a part of Mozilla activities in the past 6 months, either at their college campus, online or at the community level
  • We (Mozilla Bangalore) see huge potential in these people to carry forward the community and make it sustainable.

For mentors:

  • Have a vouched Mozillians profile
  • Currently reside in Bangalore (or Karnataka)
  • Have represented Mozilla at different venues & conferences, strong in their area of contribution.
  • Been invited to Mozilla India / All Hands / regional community meet-ups in the past
  • Have been actively engaging in Mozilla campaigns and discussions, either online or offline

I hope that answered your questions. We’ll be releasing the list of final participants and mentors on Sunday, our first meet-up.