Mozilla Splash Page: question about punctuation


My Mozilla Splash Page exercise is good in every bit, not without breaking my head with an insignificant issue (once discovered).

Given that a file title (a picture in this case) need to match with your code so they are linked, the following punctuation fixed everything

whereas the following
“red-panda 600.jpg”
was giving me a headache.

This is confusing me, like hell.

Any source so I can figure this out? I thought I was into this grammar.
Obviously I am not.


Hello @Petrus_Maleficus

sorry english is not my first language but if i got you that you asking why
red-panda600.jpg this working but using space like here red-panda 600.jpg does not work if that the case then it’s the issue of the space you need to replace each space with %20 so it be red-panda%20600.jpg

this apply for file/folder names
if you familier with command line you would see the same issue apply there for linux to go to folder named new folder you would write it in command line as new\ folder notice the extra \ before the space the same apply for windows (it will be "new folder" notice it wrapped by double quote) and mac
why that cause space has special meaning in command line it used to separate the command line arguments

so hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: