Mozilla will not validate my manifest.json

I am currently trying to release a new version of my extension, Browser Store Plus, to migrate to Manifest v3.

However, the system refuses to validate my manifest.json file. I’ve tried JSON linting websites, double- and triple- and quadruple-checking the format of the file, and the errors the validation test gives me don’t make sense.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the current state of the manifest.json. Is there something I’m missing?


If it helps, these are the errors I’m receiving.

Try removing the comma after “3” in last property…

It now won’t accept my email as my extension ID because it says it doesn’t match the original ID as listed on AMO. Problem is, when I do put in the existing ID…

Is there something wrong with the way I put it in?

Oh wait. Took a look at the docs and realised I formatted it wrong.

After fixing up a few extra errors, that worked. Thanks!