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Hi! Bonjour! I made designed a new UI for the MozillaCanada,org website, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas of it. I aspire to replace the current code with this, if that is alright with everyone.

Here are two screenshots of a draft I have been working, once more, let me know what you think:

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,


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Hello! Thank you for your interest.

To ensure this gets seen by the right people, could you file this as a bug on under Websites::Other? I don’t know who is responsible for that website, but I think that someone watching that bugzilla component will.

Good luck!

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Hi @coder206

OMG I’m so sorry, I thought I replied to this ages ago. I’ve just come back and I see a draft of the message never sent:

Sorry for the lack of response. I like the idea of doing tiles. The problem is we don’t have people making content for these blogs…

I was going to ask if you would also be interested in helping create content for them.

If you are still interested in contributing I’d point you in two directions, first is the general North America community meetings. We have some fresh blood with new energy trying to coordinate things in North America. Then there is also the Community Design group. The theme that’s on the site now is a “One Mozilla” wordpress theme designed for communities to use. We need a new one. If you are interested in helping out with design in general then @helios is your person.

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