MozillaCH website re-do meeting

(Michael Kohler) #1

As our website didn’t get any crucial updates recently, we had an idea tonight to put out a doodle to talk about the website at a small meetup in an evening. This would basically some requirement engineering in terms of what we need to have and what technologies we would feel okay with.

My personal opinion: as right now, I can’t really change anything on the website due to my own incapability of having a local server running PHP. Vagrant doesn’t work for me, Docker is annoying as it needs full re-build every time I change something. And a local server I’ve not managed to pull together due to php packages.

I think we should talk about the website and how to make it easier.

I would imagine something like.

  1. What do we need on the website?
  2. What technology fits the job and we feel comfortable with?
  3. How are we going to organize this for dev?

Then we can work with Github issues and comment there as we will be more or less on the same ground.

Thanks for filling this out,

(Michael Kohler) #2

Do we need the Liip space for this or is it enough to just go to a restaurant? The liip space is not available on the 21.06., but I think that date might be the best. Want to meet in a restaurant near HB in Zurich for once? :slight_smile:

(Michael Kohler) #3

Now it looks like the 20th would be the best date. However, Liip is not free then either.

@freaktechnik what do you think? Any suggestion?

Also, @gion-andri do you have time then?

(Martin Giger) #4

I probably know about as many restaurants in Zurich as you do…maybe like one or two more. At least close to the main station. And I don’t really know where you’d do stuff like this.