Mozilla's Worldview

Hello Mozillians,
I am adding here a message from Mitchell Baker about the Mozilla’s Worldview project.


At the All Hands in December I spoke about a set of topics that are important to mozilla and to what we stand for in the world – healthy global communities, multiculturalism, inclusion, multiple perspectives, collaboration. (If you want to (re)listen to the talk you can find it here. The sections where I talk about these things are at the beginning, and also starting at about the 14:30 minute mark.)

These topics are a key aspect of Mozilla’s worldview. However, we have not set them out officially as part of who we are, what we stand for and how we describe ourselves publicly. I’m feeling a deep need to do so. I have begun the work and I want to invite you to participate.

My goal is to develop a small set of principles about these aspects of Mozilla’s worldview. We have clear principles that Mozilla stands for topics such as security and free and open source software (principles 4 and 7 of the Manifesto). Similarly clear principles about topic such as global communities and multiculturalism will serve us well as we go forward. They will also give us guidance as to the scope and public voice of Mozilla, spanning official communications from Mozilla, to the unofficial ways each of us describes Mozilla.

Currently, I’m working on a first draft of the principles. I’d like to work quickly here, as quickly as we can have rich discussions and community-wide participation. I’m not sure I can manage detailed comments from 1000 or 1500 people :-), and I imagine not every Mozillian wants to give such comments. I do plan to have workshops, and a written asynchronous channel for those who are comfortable with written back-and-forth in that environment. And there will be some “all@ updates” for those of you who want to follow the project in a lightweight way.

If you would like to be involved beyond the “all@” updates and can potentially spend some hours reviewing and providing input please join the Worldview Mailing List. Jascha and Jane are supporting me in managing this important project.

I look forward to working with you in the coming weeks.

The “Your team / Expertise” is not very clear :-/

Pretty sure we could find some volunteers who would love to summarize these :wink:

What does “all@” mean in that case? Will it be posted in this thread?

that is the all moco-mofo emailing list that goes to all employees. Yes I will try to add any future information in here so all can follow up

You mean in the form? I didn’t create it but on the volunteers’ side I would add the team I am most volunteering into and my set of expertises that can help this project moving forward (related on what you’re doing in mozilla)

Just a note, I replaced the video with the airmo link so everyone can watch it