Hey all,

Since Benjamin has stepped down as the leader of the Mozilla USA website and emails, we haven’t had one. Would any of you have a problem with me taking it over as the interim owner, until we find someone who is able and willing to take it on?

Hi Tanner,

I don’t mind helping if you need someone else to help. Let me know what you think?


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Definitely! I’m going to be meeting with folks from MCS tomorrow, so I’ll talk to them about contribution pathways.

Sounds like a plan, I’ll be interesting helping if you need my assistance.

Blue Skies,

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In another thread @rtsayles said he’d like to take over. Council has approved the change in ownership.

Hi @kensie, I would like to kick this off soon. Once we do the transition,
we can start collaborating on how we can make use of the domain :slight_smile:

For transitioning credentials etc, best bet is probably to chase down @tanner, he can make sure you have what you need, and I think we have a couple decisions for you to make already :wink:

Thanks, @kensie, let me ping @tanner :slight_smile: