Mozillian Business Cards

(Tom Farrow) #1


I’d like to introduce you to Moo.

A team at Mozilla was working for a while on a business card generator so that you can order Mozilla cards without editing source files etc, but that got stalled because of technical difficulty. A lot of people still wanted business cards, so I found an easier solution.

I’ve opened an account with Moo so that we can access their business platform. This makes it really easy for you to order Mozilla business cards. Just create an account with the link below, go to packs, and create a new pack.

If you’d like your cards to be shipped in/around Europe, choose the UK sizes so that they are dispatched from the UK factory.

Packs are available for Reps, Mozillians and Firefox Student Ambassadors

Right now, if you order cards, you’ll need to pay for them yourself. You can of course, request budget for them through the Reps process.

Let me know if you have any questions about using Moo, and I’d also be more than happy to send you source files/completed templates so that you can order cards from a different provider if Moo is inconvinent.

(Michael Kohler) #2

For now Reps doesn’t have an SOP for Business Cards. Therefore I have started a thread on our alias to discuss this. For now there is no guarantee that you will be reimbursed.

(Spike) #3

Nice work tad!

(Sanyam Khurana) #4

Hi! Do we have any update on the SOP for visiting cards for Reps?

@mkohler do you have any update on it?