My add-on doesn't work anymore with the LAST update of Firefox 71.0 (64-bit)!

My add-on is not working anymore, i did nothing new, no update, was working until the last update of firefox.

Under chrome it works, under brave too, but under firefox 71.0 (64-bit) , it’s not working anymore !

Hi @stop_it_be, sorry to hear about this. Could you give us a few more details so we can investigate this further? Are there any APIs that seem to be behaving differently on 71?

This is most probably related to this bug: (see also:

I’ve also received several emails that my addon doesn’t work in 71 anymore.
If reinstalling doesn’t help (make sure to restart Firefox after uninstalling), then Firefox Reset will help (make sure to backup addons data before, if you have any).

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