My add-on from store is working partially - no in context menu

Mozilla approved my first add-on for Firefox but I have strange problem - click o the icon in toolbar is working but I don’t see my add-on in context menu (Right Mouse Button).

When I loaded temporary add-on (from the same .zip I uploaded for review) everything is fine.

Could anybody help me?

You’re calling browser.contextMenus.create() inside a browser.runtime.onInstalled event listener.

I suspect that for an add-on installed from AMO, this is too early to create a context menu item, but for a temporary add-on, it’s fine for some reason.

Also, even if works, the add-on won’t create the context menu item again when you restart Firefox after installing the add-on.

I just realized that my explanation probably doesn’t make sense, because the code in background-firefox.js is run before the browser.runtime.onInstalled event listener; otherwise you wouldn’t be able to add an event listener in the first place. But I still suspect that the browser.runtime.onInstalled event listener is the problem…

Thank you!
should be before
browser.runtime.onInstalled.addListener(function () {

When you restart Firefox, the context menu item is gone.