My extensions have their function blocked


We are contacting you today, because we have sent 4 extensions on your add-ons store, they are approved, download possible, but when you click on the icon, nothing happens.

It is tested temporarily, and redirected to the desired site via debugging.

The extensions are identical to the one on chrome, and on chrome it works perfectly. What’s going on?

Have you checked your extension’s function using the provided debugging tools?


As mentioned above we do the plane right after, and all in all, we notice that the failure came from one end of our code lines in the “content.js” and “background.js” files.

So we solved the problem yesterday, the extensions work perfectly.

Thank you for your intervention, and sorry for the unnecessary inconvenience.


Le lun. 25 nov. 2019 à 12:59, Martin Giger via Mozilla Discourse a écrit :

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