My "Firefox Developer Edition" does not work on MacOS: The interface is unstable - not responding to clicks. Version 89.0b3

does not show web pages and does not respond to pressing buttons in the interface.

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I had the same problem

That seems pretty serious.
Can you open the Browser Console ( and copy its content here?

Do you use any customization via userChrome.css which could conflict with the proton redesign?

Browser console not working. I pressed on keyboard (CMD + SHIFT + J) and typed in terminal (/ Applications / Firefox \ Developer \ -jsconsole)

My OS version is MACOS Catalina 10.15.7

I don’t know about that. I think no.

I got the same problem since friday last week.

The browser is totally unresponsive, Even reinstalled the app but did not make any difference

A couple of related bugs which might help:

Although they seem focused on windows.

I see that @Dmitriy_Ermolaev uses a localized version of the browser. @thomas_henry & @1010189296 are you using the default english version or another locale?

Mine is in Dutch, indeed :slight_smile:

Is the Englisch version somewhere available so I could test this? :bowing_man:

I would assume that this should give you the English version:

Also, I use the en-US or the en-GB version (have to check) and had no issues in the last days, but will monitor and post here if I see something similar.

I tried two versions: en-US and en-GB. And that didn’t work.

are the steps described in fix the issue?

Thanks, I’ll figure it out. Twitter is very slow in Russia due to political restrictions. Temporarily rolled back to version 74.0b6.

ah, let me include the content here:

type “about:support” (without quotes) on your address bar, hit the “Refresh Firefox” button in the upper-right corner, and confirm it

I cannot find the button.

I noticed that the interface turned white when I re-installed the program.

it’s about:support (no space, no semi-colon at the end)

I think I found the preference responsible for the bug: browser.uiCustomization.state.

If you can locate your profile directory, open prefs.js and delete the corresponding line.

Eg on a local profile it was

user_pref("browser.uiCustomization.state", "{\"placements\":{\"widget-overflow-fixed-list\":[]},\"seen\":[\"developer-button\",\"profiler-button\"],\"dirtyAreaCache\":[],\"currentVersion\":16,\"newElementCount\":0}");
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