My Firefox language has been change

i am facing with a problem with Mozilla Firefox browser , that when i open google support community then its language become change but i want its language into English, Even though i also install an extension of translator but its not working,
Can any one guide me what should i do to fix this issue?

There is usually a language switcher on pages that are available in multiple languages. Often you’ll find it at the very bottom of the page. You should be able to switch the language of the page there.

You can also set your preferred languages in the Firefox preferences under “Language and Appearance” in the “General” section. Many websites will use that preference to determine what language they should default to.

Lastly, to help you with the translation extension you’d have to be specific which one you installed - if it is an issue with the extension. The best way to get help with a specific extension is usually via the Support E-Mail or Website provided on the extension listing page on