My first Firefox addon

I just created my first firefox-addon but it is still not completed :sweat_smile: .

First off, I am really thankful for Firefox and community ,without whom, I won"t be able to make this addon.

Secondly, I am really stuck at a bug which I am not able to resolve and I would be really happy if someone helps me to resolve this particular bug and you can also review my code which would help me understand some best practices.

The Bug-
I have a content.css file which would be injected into the content script.

The problem is that css doesn’t work after line 15 in the css file and I can’t figure out why? And due to the same reason I have to manually add css withsetAttribute eg. this tag

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Remove commas in line 15, 20, 23 and 27. You don’t use those in CSS.

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The add-on looks really useful - I look forward to trying it when it is published.

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Thanks, btw I managed to complete it and submit it for review phase.

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Fingers crossed it gets reviewed, I look forward to seeing it when it is live.

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It got approved, you can try it out :smiley: