is disguised as actual Add-on site of SMART HTTPS suprised me by appearing as the homepage Add-on site after installing Smart HTTPS posted by ilGur at

Notice it is actually SMART HTTPS REVIVED . What is going on?

That homepage so helpfully suggests to post all bugs on that page not via Mozilla.

Scrolling down the description in Add-ons - after poster ilGur I see homepage = the above
This is displayed only after installing it. Before then it is disguised via Homepage general link.

Notice that oddly enough this Mozilla Add-on mega-site does NOT USE HTTPS for its own webpage.

I am not happy. This mysteriously prompted me after every Add-on update with a similar page 2.5 years ago, on multiple computers. I complained about it on Mozilla. I recall the difference in 2016 was the Add-on was clearly not the desired ad blocker from the true author, solution = RESET Firefox, deleting all Add-ons.

So a couple of things. I’m pretty sure the extension does not replace the homepage. I use it myself.

What it does do is open a tab when installed. That’s not a homepage and frankly pretty common practice, though afaik Mozilla is working on making it less necessary to give developers better ways to introduce users to their extension.

Maybe you’re refering to the website the extension marks as its own website. The one specified as homepage_url in the manifest.json.

Or are you confused about the names on and in the installed version being different? Because that’s a thing that you can do, yeah.

And then lastly, I see no page you linked that isn’t HTTPS.