Need assessment for Selectors skill tests


Here are my solutions:

Here is a link to the test itself.

Thank you in advance for your responsiveness!

elslamo alikom @rab_Allaha

you doing great well done just little notice here:

  1. for task 2 you do not need this .container this will be enough .alert so for the rest
  2. for task 3 this is not right .container p:first-child::first-line it ask you to make the font of the first element to be 150% and the first line to be red this will make the first line of the first p child to have 150% and red the font of the remaining of the first p should be 150%
  3. for task 4 you do not need .container also
  4. for task 5 no need for / in this a[href*="/contact"]

hope that help and have nice day :slight_smile:


Vaaleykum assalam varahmatuLlah (And to you peace and mercy from Allah) @justsomeone.
I tried to correct the errors you indicated, can you check again and make an assessment?

Thank you for answering, feedback and help from knowledgeable people are important to me :slight_smile:

Alslamo alikom @rab_Allaha no need to translate it i am muslim too brother :wink:

you did very well
well done and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Vaaleykum assalam varahmatuLlah my brother @justsomeone. AlhamduliLlah…
will know this. I solved another problem and now I will post it, I will be grateful if you evaluate the solution :slight_smile:

well done and i am glad to evaluate it unless @mikoMK did it before me as we looks like compete to help people :slight_smile:
he is very good person and very helpful also


Imagine a world where everyone is competing to help others. That seems nice :angel:


that would make earth a heaven who know maybe this forum be the seed that would grow to make that happen :slight_smile:

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