Need Assessment for Test your skills : Arrays 3

Hello good people :slight_smile: I need assessment on Arrays 3 please . Thank you in advance .

This is my code ( instead of using “forEach()” I have put the index number of each element in the parentheses) :

let myArray = [ “Ryu (0)”, “Ken (1)”, “Chun-Li (2)”, “Cammy (3)”, “Guile (4)”, “Sakura (5)”, “Sagat (6)”, “Juri” ];

myArray.push(‘Ivaylo (7)’, ‘Jivko (8)’);

let myString = myArray.join(’ - ');

Hi @kavrakov555 and welcome to the community :wave:

Could you please follow the instructions at Assessment or further help on the " Test your skills: Arrays" page. Having the code in an online editor will make it much easier for us to assess your work. By doing this, you will also find out that you used wrong quotes :wink: (wrong: ,, and - correct: ' and ").

To learn more about “forEach” I recommend the MDN article Array.prototype.forEach(). It’s a very important (but tricky) method and this article includes a lot of example to understand the concept.

If you have any questions I’m more than happy to help you out :smile:
Have a nice day!