Need assistance to configure remote access after initial setup

Hi everyone!

I just installed WebThings Gateway in my Raspberry Pi 3. After initial setup I (accidentally) skipped the remote access configuration step, and now I can’t figure out how to configure it.

Is it possible to configure remote access once device has initial setup? Or Have I to flash the SD card again?


If you enable SSH access to your gateway through Settings -> Developer, you can SSH to the Pi with username “pi” and password “raspberry” and run the following:

sqlite3 ~/.mozilla-iot/config/db.sqlite3 "DELETE FROM settings WHERE key = 'skiptunnel'"
systemctl restart mozilla-iot-gateway

Thanks for you response Michel! I did it but it didn’t found.

I finally reflashed the SD Card. Reading deeply I found in the official documentation that if you skip this step, then, you’ll need to install the image again :frowning:

I hope we can modify it in next releases.



I know this is an old thread but I need help as I am facing the same issue. I have ran that query via sqlite and restarted my raspberry pi (as the systemctl restart service was giving me an error) but I am not prompt to setup the remote access.

Any idea?

Dear Belfast123 - since the publication of Webthings 1.0 in late 2020, everything that was previously under .mozilla-iot/ is now located under .webthings/
You will also need to:
systemctrl restart webthings-gateway

Hope that helps