Need Help Adding Meross Smart Plugs

I have an R pi3 which I have installed the gateway on. I was interested in using the gateway because i wanted my smart plugs to not be talking to a third party server all the time.

I have 4 Meross MSS310 smart plugs that I want to add to the gateway but it can only detect them if I have already added them to the network through the meross app which naturally means they are connected to their cloud server.

If i remove them in the app then the gateway can no longer detect them.

Is this correct because I thought the gateway was supposed to work without the need for a third party app or connecting to the cloud?

This is correct and is true of most other WiFi devices as well. The gateway is incapable of provisioning the WiFi on devices. However, after setting up the WiFi, you can get rid of the third-party app.

Thanks for coming back to me.

With the app removed from my phone, would the plugs still be connected to the Meross server as this was what I was trying to avoid?

If you have access to create a rule in your router’s firewall, you can block the IP address of the Meross smart plug from communicating with the Internet. Then the plug won’t be able to talk to their server, and you won’t be able to reach it from the smartphone app, just the gateway UI.

For Meross, specifically, the plugs have to be connected to the Meross server to function. Not all devices are like this, e.g. TP-Link Kasa devices work fine locally, with no internet connection.

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