Need help badly anybody smart?

I am creating a new website in Godaddy with Instapage . my instapage website will have MANY picture(s) . I want to make it so that a user clicks on a picture …and then multiple websites will open. Any clues? I can supply all the code if you need it

not sure if i got you
but do you want the user click on certain area on the picture to open certain link or to open multiple websites once he/she click on any part of the image?

2nd option. Can you help?

check this code be carful that pop-up blocker could block the secand page from loading

hope that help and have a nice day

Can I make this mobile friendly also? I have pop ups unblocked on my iPhone but code you supplied only works on my laptop after I unblocked it under Google settings.

Any suggestions?

i tested it on android and laptop
with firefox and brave (chromium based browser )

but unfurtunatly i do not have iphone but could you check if t open both sites or just one and if there any msg from your iphone browser

that could help me what is going there

and according to that page check the compatability table it supported everywhere

so i think it just setting that block it

hope that help and have a nice day

I want to include this box consisting of 9 squares into my webpage that link up to websites…in other words clicking in the yellow area would simultaneously open and …clicking in the red area would would bring me to the page?
clickable 9 square.png

Correction…I meant to say clicking in the red box would link up to the red square on another set of 9 squares on the same page

clickable 9 square.png

one question are those boxs inside single image or each one is image by itself?

9 boxes would be considered a single image

ok let us split it to some small tasks

  1. check this link and study the map element

it will help you make area for the image so each box be one of those area

  1. use the code in this link if you want to open the links in different window/tab

  2. use this line instead of the one in the above code to open the link to certain area in the page"#test",;
    this will make you go to the element who it’s id attribute value is test

you will need to give the target element an id value will make it open in same page so it will not open in new window/tab

hope that help and if you stuck in any thing just let me know and have a nice day

OK I spent about 6 hours trying to figure this out ,…I would like to display a purple box on my webpage that jumps to a blue box on SAME webpage

heres the source for the purple box…,cg:true,m

heres the source for the blue box…,cg:true,m

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Is there code that you can supply me?

i would like to help but is it fine that you share your code on or or anything you like and tell me which part you stuck so i can check it and tell you the required modification

have a nice day :slight_smile: