Need help on how to ask permission to the user to have access to a website data (Manifest V3)


I’m having an issue to find how I can have the user permission to access a website data.
This is a part of my Manifest V3:

 "host_permissions": [
 "permissions": [
 "content_scripts": [
     "matches": [
     "run_at": "document_idle",
     "js": [

If I go to github my add-on won’t work and I won’t have any popup asking for the permissions. I understand that now with Manifest V3 it’s opt-in. But how can I ask for the permission to run the content scripts?

I’m aware of browser.permissions.request but I didn’t find how to use it to give access to the website data / allowing my content script.
Is there another solution?

The image below summarize what I want to do:

I found my answer,
I was not using browser.permissions.request correctly.
Here is how you can ask for the access of a website data:
browser.permissions.request({ origins: ["*"] })

This has been discussed here several times and it can be more complex than expected.
It may be best to check if you have permissions each time you need it and if it’s missing, request it. But may bring further issues…
See for example:

Or look for more topics like this: