Network Monitor shows not all traffic

while playing online gambling game “AVIATOR”, I noticed that the traffic of game values is not showing, nor is it saved in HAR file. While I can see that traffic in program “Wireshark”.

Does the game use Flash (or other plugins) by any chance?

No, should be only JS modules. are you Dev?
I can provide files… etc…


Trying the demo for the game you linked, I see that most of the traffic in the game seems to go through websocket:

(note: I clicked on the “WS” filter to view only websocket in the requests list)

If you select the websocket in the requests list and select the Messages tab in the sidepanel, does it seem to match what you expected to see, at least in terms of number of requests? Not sure about the garbled characters, could it be a bug cc @Honza ?

(Edit: and if the messages you are expecting are indeed sent through Websocket, it seems we don’t support this currently for HAR export, see

yep, seems these are messages I wanted to record for statistic. Thank you for help.

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The garbled characters are probably binary data. There is a bug for proper binary data support here: