Network shows 0 B size


What is the meaning of 0 B value in the Size column?
On the right (see screenshot) we can see there was content, so why does the Size column say zero?
In some other request is shows (correctly, I would say) a non-zero value.

Screenshot link (not embedded, as it is a bit too wide):

This is on Firefox 62.0 64 bit on Windows.

(Jan Odvarko) #2

Size column shows request size while Transferred column shows amount of transferred bytes over the wire - or ‘cached’ if the request came from the cache, which also mean zero transferred bytes.

You can also see the status bar that shows Size / transferred size. The transferred size is 0 if all requests came from the cache.

Your case looks rather like a bug. But, there were some fixes recently. Could you try Firefox Nightly (64)?

If you still see a problem can you please file a bug?