Never check for updates

Bugzilla for bugs. On Reddit moderators delete messages. I’ll ask here.

I completely agree with the letter, but now you do the same.

in FF 63

The option to Never check for updates was removed from about:preferences. You can use the DisableAppUpdate enterprise policy as a substitute.

policies.json vs GUI?

The “Never check for Updates” option is easy to enable and forget about.

This is a joke?

Can I hope that you will return this function in the future?

I do not speak English
I used Google translate to write this message.

Can anyone please answer the question?

What exactly is the question? Is it: “Will Firefox ever again have a control on the Preferences page to completely prevent updating?”

I doubt it, but that’s not an official “Never ever,” it’s just based on the observation that preferences a user might employ to expose themselves to increased security risks have been trending toward reduced visibility.

Well, thank you!

Still can’t believe it.
Good job Mozilla…

Great ! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Switching updates off is not very wise move… while I agree that autoupdates may (in some cases) be quite distractious (esp when doing sth important where you need to focus) and hasslefull…

I personally think that - if I was to chose policy of (auto) updates - what I would do is to place some switch in preferences, but (say) bold autoupdate option…