New about:addons page - loss of functionality?

Recent versions of Nightly (e.g. 69.0a1 (2019-06-18) (64-bit) win10) have a new display of installed extensions.

With this new display, I found added friction in my daily use of the about:addons page (I have many extensions).

  1. I can not see the state (enabled/disabled) of a given extension

    • Previously, disabled extensions were “dimmed”
    • Now, if I’ve scrolled either the “Enabled” or “Disabled” header off the screen, I have no visual clue to the state. I have to:
      • click the “…” menu
      • observe the state choice on the menu
      • invert that displayed state to understand the current state
  2. An extra step has been added to the enable/disable process.

    • Previously, the “toggle button” was always visible
    • Now the state toggle is one more click away under the “…” menu

Issue (2) is just an observation, and a likely worthwhile trade-off to get a cleaner design.

Issue (1) does cause me friction, and toggling an extension is something I do fairly often. (E.g. I use different password managers for work vs personal.)

Is there any reason not to have disabled extensions continue to show as dimmed? I can think of some valid reasons, so the better question is - is there a way to reduce the friction of #1.


I agree. The new Add-ons -> extensions page stinks! There is a massive thread going on in Reddit about this abominable design choice: Extremely poor Add-ons Manager UI design in 68. More clicks to manually update, release notes hidden behind even more clicks.](