New Add-on for Comments?


I have a suggestion for a new Add-on for someone to take up. I am a keen TB user but not a serious coder.

Can we have a popup Comment, exactly like Excel which could be attached to an email entry in the list of emails? This could be configurable for colour to make it prominent and noticeable and with an option for Hide or Unhide and would supplement the Tag option. It would be sticky and scroll with the list of emails and could be user-positioned over part of the email entry on any of the columns that a user has visible.

It would make for easy location of a particular email on a permanent basis.

If anyone wants a mockup of my idea, msg me…

I hope someone might take this up and write it.


I’m no longer familiar with Excel but there have been addons that maybe do something similar. Search for addons with ‘note’ in the name you’ll find some, mostly no longer working. For example:
There is still this one:

Such a feature would be more useful if the notes were preserved across devices. One way might be to use ‘IMAP Notes’ which you’ll see mentioned in the TB roadmap: