New break of compatibility for add-on / webextensions

According to , the android-firefox breaks add-ons, mentioning specifically

The notable exceptions are the (implementation in progress) and the browserData APIs.

While in google store the 1 * ratings are skyrocketing, not least for the non-usability of bookmarks in recent releases, I wonder what will be the next reason to repeat this recurring pattern?

add-on developers are not amused. :roll_eyes: like try this: not amused


Also, a whole lot of web documentation does not reflect the ongoing state of affairs, misleading users into seeking to install those add-ons from AMO, which used to work very well. This problem usually does not result in 5 ***** star ratings by many users.

The often quoted “user experience” is not what it used to be, some say.


Firefox loves to “move fast and break things” – as the saying goes – but do the users love that too? :shushing_face:


We hope to include support for more add-ons with future updates. However, the team is evaluating how to do this in a way that avoids the security and compatibility issues we had with previous versions of Firefox.

If this is a good enough reason to make many users unhappy in 2020, then it sure sounds good enough a justification for 2021 too, and the following years.

Before long there will be a feature-frozen “waterfox for android” so people can just run one piece of browser software and never ever “update” it at all henceforth!

Or simply this fork:

Must be like heaven! :desert_island: :beach_umbrella: :ferris_wheel:

The main thread for this subject starts with an innocuously worded headline…

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The use of such unmaintained forks is really not recommended for users, as the authors say themselves:

No warranties or guarantees of security or updates or even stability !

I guess, users will have to decide for themselves.

Do they want to follow the “moz://a officaldom” and accept their “telemetry” and such intrusions etc., or do they prefer Iceraven that strives to stay clear of all telemetry as soon as possible.

I, for one, opted out of telemetry.

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remember when all desktop-Ffx add-ons fell dead after the cert expired?

you get the same feeling with android-ffox for 3 months now.