New Contribution Experience Launched!

After months of planning, talking, designing, talking, developing and more talking we’ve just landed the new contribution experience on production. Thanks to the whole team and also to our amazing community. Testing it the last weeks on staging has proven to be very valuable!

Here it is:

I’m super happy with it, but I’m also very curious to read your opinions. As always feel free to report issues! You can find outstanding issues we’ll be working on in the next week(s) here:


Thanks, it also brings one new feature that allows to skip that I know will make some people happy :slight_smile:

Good point. It’s not just a nicer look (though it also is that I think :smile:) ! And background uploading is in there as well.

This is awesome, great work!

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Slick, smooth, awesome.


Good job, I really like it!

works nice :slight_smile:

the percentage is a little unclear to me - (it showed 1257% or something similar) - so could be but don’t know…

and some sort of permanently visible indicator (like the total count) would be nice too - i set myself goals like ‘up to 40’ or something similar…

keep up the good work!

Believe it or not, this is correct. We made the front-page of hacker news and our contribution numbers have been extremely high the last few days.

We’re working on this exact thing! Stay tuned!

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Thanks Michael for the answer :slight_smile:
news can change the world :wink:

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wrt the new validation interface:

I once wrongly clicked “yes”.
It would be nice to have a way to undo recent decisions.
They are still shown in the UI anyway – could they be made clickable?

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Yup, we have a bug for this:

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Awesome. Works nicely.
Is it possible to embed this, in say my website/mobile app so that I can solicit more contributions. Is there some API/widget that I can use?
The more extensively this spreads, the better

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Not yet, but that is something that people have asked for in the past. I think if we found a partner for this, ie some platform with a strong community where we could provide inline recording tools, I think we would put it on our roadmap.

Excellent project! I really liked contributing, very smooth interface.

Of course, blockchain being the buzzword du jour and all, but as a developer in the Ethereum space I think there’s a really interesting model that could be brainstormed incentivizing adoption of, colloboration to, and ML analysis of the Open Voice Database. Something like revenue sharing or some other economic model would give people buy in to something they contributed on with something as personal as their voice. I admit I have blockchain goggles on, so this may be a bad idea.

At the very least, a leader board would be something of a point of pride I think might be fun to have.